Professor Madya Dr. Siti Mashitoh binti Mahamood

B. Sh. (UM), M.Sh. (UM),
Ph.D (Birmigham)

Senior Lecturer, Department of Syariah and Law,
University of Malaya

Professor Madya Dr. Siti Mashitoh binti Mahamood obtained her Bachelor of Syariah (First Class Hons.) degree from the University of Malaya in 1992. In 1996, she was awarded the Master of Syariah by the same University. She later furthered her post graduate studies in the United Kingdom and obtained the Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham. Besides being the Department Head of the Department of Syariah in Law at the University of Malaya, she teaches both under-graduate and post-graduate students at the University in subjects covering her fields of expertise, namely, Islamic Law of Property and the Administration of Muslim Properties in Malaysia (including Baitulmal, Wakaf, Zakat, Succession, Hibah, Will and Nominated Property).

Dr. Siti Mashitoh has also conducted various researches in Wakaf and Hibah. She is an accomplished writer having published numerous books and articles including Bagaimana Membuat Wakaf ( 2001), Undang-Undamg Ancam Tanah Wakaf (2001), Wakaf dan Syariah di Malysia (2001), Harta Wakaf Tiada (2001), Bersedekah Jariah Melalui Amamaln Perwakafan (2001), The Legal Principles of Waqf: An Analysis (2001), Pewaris Kajian terhadap pungutan Zakat di Wilayah Persekutuan (2002), Keperluan Asas Perwakafan (2002), Siapakah Yang Layak Menerima Wakaf (2002), Apakah Harta Yang Boleh Diwakafkan (2002), Perlaksanaan Istibdal Dalam Pembangunan Harta Wakaf di Malaysia (2002), Undang-Undang Pentadbiran Harta Wakaf di Malaysia (2003), Prinsip Undang-undang Wakaf di dalam Malaysia: Suatu Penilaian (2003), Pengurusan Masjid Menurut Perspektif Undang-Undang di Malaysia (2004), The Administration of Waqf in Malaysia (2005) and Waqf in Malaysia: Legal Perspectives (2005).In addition thereto, Dr. Siti Mashitoh has participated in an equally numerous seminars /workshops where she presented papers on topics such as Towards Management of Professional and Competent Wakaf Asset, Administration of Mosques According to the Malaysian Law Perspectives, The Administration of Wakaf, Wills and Hibah in Malaysia, The Implementation of Istibdal in the Development of Wakaf Properties in Malaysia and How to Constitute Wakaf.

Dr. Siti Mashitoh also appeared in talk-shows and interviews over various television stations in the country on subjects related to her areas of expertise. She also contributes articles on these subjects to magazines such as Dunia Islam, Perempuan and Anis from time to time.