Jointly Acquired Asset Agreement

What is a Harta Sepencarian ?

Harta sepencarian is a property jointly acquired by husband and wife during the subsistence of a valid marriage. The surviving spouse is entitled to claim her portion thereof from the deceased spouse's estate before distribution in accordance with the Faraid rules.

Harta Sepencarian Services at as-Salihin

It can sometimes happen that beneficiaries of a Muslim deceased contest a surviving spouse’s harta sepencarian claim. To avoid the unpleasant family disputes that might arise among the beneficiaries after the testator’s death on this issue, as-Salihin has devised documents which would avoid such situations.


  • Both parties can decide and agree upon the quantum of distribution.
  • Rights of both spouses fully protected as what is agreed in the Declaration is incontestable..
  • Expedite distribution process as parties do not have to go to court to assert their claim.
  • Cost saving as without the agreement parties have to go through court to prove their contribution.
  • No dispute as it already records the agreement between the parties.
  • Convenient and easy since all that needs to be done is for the parties to instruct as-Salihin on their agreed portion of interest in the subject property.