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Protect Your Family’s Welfare After Your Absence.

The estate of the deceased shall be administered in accordance with Civil and Syariah Law. Do you know that :

  • Upon your death, your estates will be frozen.
  • The process of liquidation, administration and distribution of the estate will be lengthy.
  • Your estate will be distributed in accordance with Syariah Law.
  • A depreciation of asset value if there is no proper estate administration.

As-Salihin is the best choice in planning your Wasiat​​

  • We ensure continuity in the full administration process until the final distribution.
  • We are a regulated body under legal obligation to ensure monies bequeathed are properly managed, accounted for and distributed.​
  • Our legal process to administer your estate after your demise is appreciably shortened giving your family a smoother transition.

as-Salihin Is The Best Choice In Planning Your Wasiat.

We are dedicated in providing Muslims with a wide range of Syariah compliant Wasiat and estate administration services.
  • We are a company with a perpetual succession ensuring continuity of an Estate Administration process until its final distribution.
  • We are established to meet the crying needs of Muslims to preserve, protect and distribute hard-earned assets in line with Syariah principles and civil regulations. Led by our Board of Directors and Board of Syariah Advisors equipped with its myriad of legal, Syariah and financial expertise.
  • We are a regulated body with a systematic and structured process of administration legally obligated to ensure that estates are properly managed and well distributed.

We have over 3,500 Islamic Estate Planner (IEP) nationwide to assist you.

We welcome you to be a part of our high spirited and dedicated team to deliver the most efficient and the best services to your future clients. Our competitive and wide range of agency network consist of experts in Islamic Estate Planning from 3,500 individuals and corporate entities and we also have four (4) branches across Malaysia.

We provide our Islamic Estate Planner (IEP) with training and licensing on Islamic Estate Planning to equip them with a comprehensive knowledge in the estate planning field. For that reason, we have developed an IEP Portal and online system to help our Islamic Estate Planner (IEP) in managing their business.

Why Let Others Determine Distribution of Your Assets When You Are Gone?

You have the right to choose who is going to administer your estate and on how to distribute it upon your demise.

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We are dedicated in providing Syariah compliant Islamic Estate Planning services.


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