Jointly Acquired Asset Agreement

Harta sepencarian (or matrimonial property) is a property jointly acquired by both husband and wife during the subsistence of a valid marriage. The spouse have their respective right over the property but the right must be claimed in court. Thus, in the event of any one of their deaths, the surviving spouse is entitled to claim her portion thereof from the deceased spouse’s estate before distribution in accordance with Faraid rules.

Harta Sepencarian Services at as-Salihin.

In some cases, beneficiaries may contest the ‘Harta Sepencarian Claim’ that has been made by deceased spouse. In order to avoid unpleasant family disputes that may arise (on this issue) among the beneficiaries after the testator’s death, as-Salihin has prepared a document called a Jointly Acquired Asset Agreement as an instrument of distribution of Harta Sepencarian.

Advantages of a Jointly Acquired Asset Agreement

Mutual Agreement

Both parties can decide and agree upon the quantum of distribution.

Rights of Both Spouse are Protected

Rights of both spouses are fully protected as to what is agreed in the Agreement is incontestable.

Expedite Distribution

Expedite the distribution process as parties do not have to go to court to assert their claim.


Cost saving as without the agreement parties will have to go through court process to prove their contribution.

No Contentious and Dispute

No dispute as it already records the agreement between the parties.


Convenient and easy since the needs of all parties are fulfilled. as-Salihin prepares the Jointly Acquired Asset Agreement based on their mutual agreement.

Why Let Others Determine Distribution of Your Assets When You Are Gone?

You have the right to choose who is going to administer your estate and determine on how to distribute it upon your demise.
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