Charity for 50 Urban Poor Families in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur

PETALING JAYA – A 52-year-old single mother hold the responsibility of supporting her two children with disabilities (OKU) and her bedridden mother.

As a breadwinner of the family, she relied on her small business of selling “Roti Jala” during Ramadan around her residential area in Taman Putra Damai, Lembah Subang. This is the only source of income for her to continue living in the city despite her family requires her full attention. With all the heavy duties as the caregiver, seldom she earns consistent income from her small-scaled business.

Amongst other, is a family of four with vision disability. The husband and wife sell local fruits such as banana and papaya and merely earn six-hundred-ringgit Malaysia from their sales during this fasting month. Besides that they receive an allowance of  four hundred and fifty Ringgit Malaysia monthly from the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia. They use the money for maintenance, education  and welfare of their two children’s welfare.

These are among the families that have received the donation from as-Salihin Trustee Berhad under the donation program for 50 families categorized as urban poor those  living in Flats under Projek Perumahan Rakyat  (PPR)  located in Lembah Subang, Kampung Lindungan, Taman Medan, Taman Dato Harun and Pantai Dalam.

as-Salihin Trustee Berhad is a trust company that specialized in Islamic Estate Planning and Estate Administration organized the charity with the assistance of several school located in the stated areas such as Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelana Jaya, Sekolah Kebangsaan Lembah Subang, Sekolah Rendah Taman Medan and others.  

President of As-Salihin Trustee Berhad, Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz Peru Mohamed lead this charity. The recipients of the donation were selected  by the committee of program after taking consideration of their needs.

Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz Peru Mohamed said we organize  the donation program every year in the month of Ramadhan for orphanage. However this year we focused the urban poor families within Klang Valley to be the recipients of the donation because we care about their financial burden. We hope  they will use the money wisely for preparation of hari raya celebration as well as their living sustenance.


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