Strategic Partnerships

Muslims throughout the world are becoming more aware of their responsibilities to their Faith. The need for them to change their way of life to that as embodied in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, are having such an impact on the Muslim populace all over the world. The Islamic-compliant products and services are not only sought after in the area of food production and also in other day-to-day aspects of life such as banking, insurance and estate planning. It is in the area of Estate Planning that we at as-Salihin offer our products and services.

Besides recruiting new direct Islamic Estate Planners (IEP), we have strategic alliance with several Financial Institutions and banking related company that would be able to secure numerous mutual benefits such as:

Ability to provide complete range of Islamic Estate Planning Services.

Retain customers’ loyalty through value added services.

Opportunity to provide a wider range of Syariah compliant products/services.

Additional income to our Strategic Partners.

As for now, we are having good business relationship with the following organisations as our Strategic Partners:

Kumpulan Syarikat Rockwills
RHB Islamic Bank Berhad
Kuwait Finance House
Al-Rajhi Bank Berhad
CIMB Principal Asset Management Berhad
Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad
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