Executorship & Estate Administration

An executor is a person appointed in a Wasiat to carry out the testator’s wishes. However as an individual, the executor may fall sick, pass away or decide not to act. Hence, to ensure the continuity of the administration of the estate, it is clearly more advantageous to appoint a corporate body to be an executor instead of relying on an individual.

as-Salihin is a trust corporation and it can be appointed as an executor. as-Salihin ensures that the distribution of the estate will be executed properly and smoothly.

While some may think Wasiat-writing is merely optional, choosing an executor is not to be taken lightly and requires careful consideration.

The Importance of Appointing an Executor.

It is difficult to choose an executor for your Wasiat. The well-being of your family is at stake. The right person will see to it that your dependents are secure and content. The wrong person may simply leave them entangled in distress and neglect.


Advantages of Appointing as-Salihin

as-Salihin is incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 (amended Companies Act  2016)  and is registered under the Trust Companies Act 1949. It is bound to abide by stringent statutory provisions that have been legislated for the protection of beneficiaries under its wings. It has perpetual succession and need not produce sureties to act as your Executor or Substitute Executor.

Appoint as-Salihin as your Executor or as the substitute Executor when writing your Wasiat, and you can be certain that with its team of Syariah and legal experts as well as the support by its Syariah Board of Advisors, it will carry out your wishes to the letter and ensure continuity in the administration process until the final distribution.

Our Service as Executor of your Wasiat :

Applying of Grant of Probate from the High Court – Appoint us as your Executor and you can be rest assured that the time taken to administrate the deceased’s estate will be considerably shortened.

Ensures distribution of your testate estate in accordance with your instructions.

Effective execution of the terms of your Wasiat.

Ensures distribution of assets according to Faraid.

Why Let Others Determine Distribution of Your Assets When You Depart?

You have the right to choose the administrator of your estate. It is important to appoint a competent and qualified executor in ensuring that the right of the deceased and his family are safeguarded.

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