Pri-TI (Takaful Trust / Insurance)

PRI-TI is a trust formed for takaful/Insurance policies. Where the owner of the takaful/insurance policy appoints as-Salihin Trustee Berhad as the beneficiary through the Assignment of Absolute Rights as well as to act as a trustee (“Trustee”) to receive takaful/insurance money (“Trust Fund”). The policy owner also signs a trust deed to set the terms and conditions for the administration of the Trust Fund.

The purpose of the Assignment of Absolute Rights is to ensure that the Trustee receives the Trust Fund when the policy owner dies or is confirmed to be permanently disabled or any disability covered by the policy and to distribute the Trust Fund according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the trust deed for the benefit of the policy owner as well as designated beneficiary.

Objectives of PRI-TI


Protecting the rights of the Policy Owner and his family members.


The Policy Owner can control and determine the use and distribution of the Trust Fund according to his wishes.


The Trust Fund is managed well and in an orderly manner by an experienced Trust Company.

Advantages of Pri-TI

Why Let Others Determine Distribution of Your Assets When You Depart?​

You have the right to choose the administrator of your estate and its plan of distribution upon your demise.

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